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The Man Cave 2.0

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Want to create or maintain the Dating Love life you desire?

Simplicity is key.

Fun is key.

Consistency and Discipline is Key.

This is what The Man Cave 2.0 will help and support you with. Plus More.

What does The Man Cave 2.0 include?

A Private and Exclusive Group -

With like minded men that have or want to develop an authentic and unconstrained winners mindset in their Dating Lives. "You're the sum of the 5 closest people around you"

Weekly Live Q&A Group Video Coaching Calls -

  • Monday's - 9.30pm - 11.30pm London Time, Hosted on Zoom.
  • Jump on at any time.
  • Ask your questions or soak in the advice from others being coached even if you don't talk yourself.
  • Join the 5 minute Liberation Meditation at the end of the call if you feel that is something for you.
  • Keep your video camera on or off. I encourage on.

Virtual Live Pracitcal Training -

  • Every Last Friday - 7pm - 9pm London Time, Hosted on Zoom - Monthly.
  • Jump on at anytime - Ideally for the full duration.
  • Receive Coaching in Simplicity, Action and Practice in meeting the women you want.
  • Choose a place of your choice whether that be - Street, Bar, Park, or somewhere else you prefer.
  • Strictly sober - No Alcohol!
  • Strictly meeting women in an appropriate way!
  • Experience your Live Practical Training in a different and new way. With in the moment coaching and a sense of not being alone straight from your phone.

The Man Cave 2.0 Private Network Group -

  • Weekly Accountable Reminders.
  • Chat, network and have fun with the other guys in the group.
  • Share your wins.
  • Share your losses and struggles.
  • Share your adventures.
  • Find your Wingmen.
  • Hosted on Telegram.

Dating Coach In Your Pocket -

  • Direct Message me Privately for any Coaching or Dating Advice throughout the week hosted on Telegram.

Bonuses -

  • A 1 month Free Trial.
  • A Repeatable 10% Discount for any live training you might want to do with me.
  • A Free "Rejection Doesn't Exist 1 on 1 Video Coaching Call" Included. Worth £100. It's a chance for you to work with me 1 on 1 if you haven't already - In 1 hour you will have a different outlook and context on rejection which will give you less stress and more freedom. You will receive this after your 1 month free trial if you decide to stay and feel The Man Cave 2.0  is something for you.

How Much Does It Cost?


I want to make this affordable and value packed as possible.

I want to be compensated generously and fairly for my time, attention and energy. Jusy being real here.

I want to help you live the Dating Love life you desire but only if your willing to do the work. If not, then this isn't for you. This is why it includes -

  • 8 hours a month of Video Coaching Calls worth over £200+.
  • 3 hours a month of Virtual Live Practical Training worth £150.
  • A "Rejection Doesn't Exist 1 on 1 Video Coaching Call" worth £100.
  • Weekly Accountable Reminders, Dating Coach In Your Pocket, A Private and Exclusive Group, A 1 Month Free Trial and A Repeatable 10% Discount on any live training you might want to do with me all worth over... well you do the math.
  • You can cancel at anytime.
  • This price will be running for a limited time Only as it may increase in the future. However, you will be locked in at the price you joined, unless you unsubscribe.

This Private and Exclusive Group will be capped at 500 members. That means if you join, you'll be joining a small group of Men. This is deliberate to make sure we keep this network Simple, Easy and Prosperous. I can personally give you more time, attention and energy. And you can actually have genuine conversations, connections and bonds with the other Men.

I only want Men who this resonates with, who love women and haven't quit on their Dating Love Life to join. As "Your Vibe Is Your Tribe".

About Me?

I have coached and helped both Men and Women for nearly 11 years ranging from the ages of 18 - 77 and I absolutely love what I do.

I work privately, as well as with Hayley Quinn, Kezia Noble and Fluid Social.

I actually "fell" into coaching through just being on my own personal development journey like you might be on which started when I was 21. I did this as a "shy" lone wolf, solo, by myself which led me to meet someone who introduced me to the beginnings of coaching in this area of life. It has definitely been a f**king journey! Haha

When I'm not coaching I'm up to www.ashleylloydshaw.com.

Why did I create The Man Cave 2.0?

A sticking point I've noticed over the last 11 years of coaching men in their dating lives and self expression is maintenance. Maintaining 'doing the work', taking action.

So, I originally decided to create this group for previous clients and friends I've worked with to help with that sticking point. But the idea has evolved as I see out there in the world a much needed authentic, fun and safe space for men to have the opportunity to just be themselves and share freely and unfiltered. As well as keep themselves accountable in their actions and own self expression in relation to women, sex and love. And actually live a fulfilling Dating Love Life they desire steadily and consistently - single, relationship or married. It's more Simple than you think.

I look forward to working with you and helping you win. As well as of course having fun.

If this isn't for you, no hard feelings and Good luck. I hope you don't give up and find your way some how. Try to understand what being true to yourself means in relation to your Dating Love Life. Then practice being true to yourself as much as you can because that's your access, that's your key, that's your super power.

Life is short.


All memberships include a 1 month free trial

Helping You Live The Dating Love Life You Desire.


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£50 a month

The Man Cave 2.0

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